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Year 4 Tarnanthi Exhibition Excursion

At the Art Gallery of South Australia, the Year 4 classes experienced the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art exhibition ‘Tarnanthi’ - meaning ‘to come forth or appear, like the sun and first emergence of light’ in Kaurna. The displays featured contemporary paintings, installations, fashion, weaving, ceramics, sculpture and more, all created through deep reflection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural connections. Students were thrilled to also take part in a workshop at The Studio where they had opportunity to reflect and create their own artworks communicating the importance of animals and places that are personally and culturally significant to them. These artworks are currently featured in the St John’s Campus Resource Centre.

“Inspiring and always colourful!” - Mimi

“The stories behind the artworks were great.” - Flynn

“I really liked making the boab tree nuts!” - Chimsi

“The art was really expressive and meaningful.” - Bethany

“It was interesting to see the messages and choices the artists made.” - Jessica

“I liked the variety of the different artworks such as sculptures and paintings.” - Aaliyah

Libby Reu and Anita Ruggiero
Year 4 Teachers