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Primary School Sports Results

18 Nov 2021

Tuesday 2 November

Concordia Classics defeated Highgate Hype: 22-0. Captain for the week: Charles.

Tuesday 9 November

Concordia Classics defeated Annesley: 20-4.

Wednesday 3 November

Concordia Chargers defeated St Therese: 18-6.
Concordia Charms defeated Pulteney White: 31-2.
Concordia Celtics lost to Blackfriars Priory School Angels: 12-20.

Thursday 4 November

Concordia Chasers defeated Unley Wolves: 23 - 8, a very fast paced game!


Saturday 6 November

Concordia Master Blaster lost to Unley Primary: 44-114.
Concordia C Grade defeated Scotch College: 4/94-13/78.
Concordia C Grade Junior defeated St Thomas: 91-33.

Saturday 8 November

Concordia C Grade Junior lost to Highgate: 112-126.

Saturday 13 November

Concordia Master Blaster defeated St Joseph's: 123-69.

Tee Ball

Saturday 6 November

Concordia defeated Highgate in their first win for the season: 47-45.

Saturday 13 November

Concordia defeated Mercedes: 45-39.


Friday 5 November

Concordia Girls defeated Wilderness: 3 sets (17 games) - 1 set (9 games).


Friday 5 November

Concordia Blue defeated Forbes Fighters: 2-0. Due to a forfeit, we played a scratch match against Scotch.

Friday 12 November

Concordia Blue lost to Westbourne Park Primary School: 0-2.