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Year 10 Camp

Week 4 of Term 4 was an exciting week for our Year 10s. It was camp week! It was the first year that Year 10s were introduced to an outdoor experience camp run by Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures in the Riverland. Students were split into groups and travelled by bus to their location at either Roonka Scout Activity Centre or Ankara Youth Camp.

Students participated in a range of activities that included an overnight kayaking expedition, raft making, problem-solving games, a tour of Ngaut Ngnat Aboriginal Site at Nildottie and exploring Punyelroo Cave near Swan Reach.

The weather was perfect, students were enthusiastic and staff enjoyed time away in a more casual setting. Swimming in the river was a highlight for all and having the time to get to know peers was incredibly valuable.

Evenings were spent eating great food and engaging in night activities such as evening walks, mini Olympics and group cricket. With challenging activities, learning new things and having the time to socialise with friends, the Year 10 camp was highly successful.

“I really enjoyed the camp, we made a lot of life long memories.” - Heidi 10RPAT

“A great opportunity to try new things, like intense caving.” - Noah 10VNAR

“Best school camp I’ve been on. The water activities were awesome.” - Oliver 10ARUD

Rachel Paterson
Year 10 Pastoral Leader