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Year 10 Drama Productions

During Week 6, the Year 10 Drama students have taken to the stage to perform their class productions. Students have been involved in a Theatre in Education unit and have been responsible for all aspects of the performance, from choosing a script with an important message, through to deciding on their target audience, lighting, sound and costume design. This year we staged two plays, 'Box' by Lindsay Price, and 'Fidget' by Bradley Hayward, and performed for audiences of students from Years 6 to 9. Both plays explored important issues around identity, friendships and surviving Middle School. The vignette style required students to take on multiple roles and needed a great deal of energy to bring the fast-paced movements and exaggerated characters to life. It has been a joy-filled experience for performers and audiences alike. Congratulations Year 10s – you should be so proud of your achievements!

Emma Williams
Drama Teacher and Learning Leader - The Arts