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Year 7s Meet Georgi from The Mustard Seed Family Project – Paid 4 U Café

Recently, the Year 7s had to choose an activity or cause that they could get involved in for their ‘Act of Service’ this term. 20 students in Year 7 chose to collect bottles and cans for the above-mentioned organisation.

Three years ago, Georgi was in Hindley Street in the city and saw a homeless man eating the scraps of a KFC box from a bin. After spending time with this man, Georgi realised that there was a real need to feed the poor and homeless. He began The Mustard Seed Family Organisation and three years on they are still working to help the less fortunate in our community. The 20 Year 7s who chose this cause as their act of service collected many, many bottles and cans, leaving them feeling quietly chuffed for the amazing cause that they were supporting. Every meal bought at the café provides a free meal to someone who does not have any money nor can afford a proper meal. Georgi is also working on two vans travelling around the CBD, one as a food van and the other as a shower van, again for the homeless.

I am so very proud of the 7s and this amazing act of service. We are also looking into how Concordia recycles and if indeed we could be a sponsor for this amazing and worthy cause in 2022 and beyond!

Suzanne Martin
Year 7 Home Class Teacher