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English as an Additional Language/​Dialect

In a Concordia Connect article earlier this term, Jane Graham (German Teacher) and Maggie Gu (Chinese Language Program Coordinator) shared details of an extensive collaborative research project that they have been leading, which has focused on how the College can strengthen key aspects of our existing Language program to support the language development of our students. A key focus of this project involved developing key recommendations for how the College could more effectively support our students who require additional ‘English’ language support, and our teachers in their curriculum delivery. This project has specific relevance for us as a College, especially as we grow in both population and cultural diversity across ELC to Year 12 over the coming years.

Based on the recommendations from this research project, the College has made the decision that during 2022, we will commence implementing a specifically developed English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) program across ELC to Year 12, that will reflect our context and unique student strengths and diversity. The program will aim to support all students where English is not their family’s first language, especially where there is an indication that this is impacting on an individual student's engagement, learning progress and achievement.

Throughout Semester 1 next year, a dedicated ‘EAL/D Team’ will develop and refine the College’s EAL program, ELC to Year 12. A key part of this stage will be connecting with families and teachers to identify students who require additional ‘English’ language support. Professional Development for our teachers in this area will also be facilitated.

This decision also has significance and connection with our International Students program, especially with international borders now preparing to open which will result in an increased number of overseas students seeking enrolment at our College over the coming years.

We look forward to communicating with families more directly as we progressively develop and refine our EAL program to support the learning progress and achievements of our students across the College.

Paul Bannister
Director of Student Learning (Concordia Campus)

Rachel Muldoon
Director of Teaching and Learning (St John’s Campus)