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Pokemon Club

This year, students at the St John’s Campus have been able to participate in a range of different activities during their lunchtimes. These optional ‘Lunch Clubs’ have been a great way for students to engage with areas of passion, learn new skills or just make friends across year levels with other students who have similar interests. Lunch Clubs this year have included: Lego Club, Craft Club, Reading Club, Chess Club, Stop Motion Club, Music Club, Games Club, Knitting Club and Coding Club.

One other club that has been running in Term 4 is Pokemon Club. At Pokemon Club, children have been learning to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Even though it is a complicated game, the children have learned how to set it up as well as learning the rules of the game, how to win and have been starting to think about strategy.

With 25-35 students from Reception to Year 5 attending each week, it has been great to see so many children making friends across different year levels and challenging themselves to learn a new game. The children have been learning thinking skills, social skills and communication skills while having lots of fun playing a new game. It has also been a great opportunity for some of our Year 5 students to take on a mentor and leadership role as they supported our younger students who were playing for the first time.

Lunch Clubs have been a great opportunity for children to find new passions and to shine in lots of different, extraordinary ways this year.

Graham Buxton
Year 2 Teacher