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Year 11 Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions

2 Dec 2021

Our Year 11 Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions students were fortunate to be part of a newly developed program based on product design and entrepreneurship, incorporating the identification of real-world design problems and developing an innovative solution in the form of a product. Industry skills such as undertaking research, advanced CAD modelling, and rapid manufacture in the form of 3D printing and laser cutting processes, were used to develop working prototypes, exposing students to real-world industry practices in product development. Many wonderful and innovative solutions were achieved, showcasing both the creative and technical talents our students possess.

For a full experience in product development, the course concluded with students pitching their ideas and final products to a panel of industry experts, receiving feedback on how to connect their outcomes with possible improvements, marketing and manufacturing opportunities.

Congratulations to the three award recipients on the day with outstanding solutions:

  • Hannah 11JLEY - Greatest Potential for a Marketable Product
  • Finn 11GGRA - Most Innovative Product
  • Harvey 11JHAR - Most Well-developed Idea.

A huge thank you to our visiting industry professionals Ben Campbell – Director, Business and Executive Coach from The Self-Made Theory, Paul Van de Loo – Technical Director of Applidyne, and Karl Mortimer – Director of GADAC Plastics, for their valued contributions on the day, sharing knowledge and expertise with our students.

Rhys Dezsery
Design, Technology and Engineering