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Primary School Sports Results

7 Apr 2022

Tuesday 29 March

Concordia Cats lost to Emmaus: 2-22.

Wednesday 30 March

Concordia Celtics Girls defeated St Aloysius Blue: 9-6. Their team work was fantastic.

Thursday 31 March

Concordia Chasers defeated Highgate Hustle: 28-18, a close game at times and the boys never gave up!

Wednesday 6 April

Concordia Celtics defeated St Aloysius College Purple: 18-1. A big win and it was a great demonstration of team work and their growing confidence in ball handling.


Saturday 26 March

Concordia Year 2 Master Blaster lost to St Thomas: 93-109.

Saturday 2 April

Concordia Year 2 Master Blaster defeated St Joseph's Kingswood: 111-30, a great win for the final game for the term.


Monday 28 March

Concordia Blue lost to St Thomas: 3-5, in a close match all played well!

Concordia Gold defeated St Thomas Sharks: 15-14 - a close game which saw the team coming from a three goal deficit at three quarter time to get ahead in the final minute of the match!