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Design-athon pitch to Unley Council Meeting

On Monday 13 December 2021, a group of four students from Concordia College’s winning Design-athon team gave a short presentation to the Mayor and elected members of Unley Council at their Council meeting.

The students shared their ideas for how Unley Council can assist young people to practise resilience and foster overall health and wellbeing. Our students articulately and confidently presented their “pitch” to Council. They are hopeful that many of their recommendations may be implemented through the Unley Council Living Young Reference Group in 2022.

Mayor Michael Hewitson and the elected members were very supportive and encouraging of the students and their ideas. The Mayor came and spoke with the students personally, commending them on their presentation. The team was recently profiled in the Summer edition of Unley Life magazine. This was a wonderful experience for our team members, who were able to see how their voice can make a difference in their local area and beyond.

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning