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Middle and Senior School

It has certainly been a busy and unusual start to the year. The staff week followed by the return of students, in person or virtually, has come with challenges to solve, compromises to make, and surprises around every corner. With that being the case, I want to thank all members of the community for your understanding and support for one another as we have navigated the last two weeks.

Staff members, teaching and support, have worked tirelessly to ensure the year for students would start productively and with plenty of attention to care. The students have been engaged in their learning and supportive of each other. As a parent body, I wish to pass on my thanks to you as well. I have seen the support you have for the school through the collection of textbooks for Years 9-11 at short notice, and during work hours. I am sorry we needed to impose that on you to ensure we could engage all students in Connected Learning from day two. I also thank you for your support in ensuring we can keep all members of the school community safe through the wearing of masks by students as well as staff.

The aim of staff throughout 2022 is to continue to provide the quality of education and care for which the College is known, and to provide as normal an experience as is possible irrespective of the presence of COVID-19.

As a newcomer to this school, I have already witnessed and felt the sense of community that pervades all that happens. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in coming weeks and months.

Every blessing,

Dennis Mulherin
Principal - Middle and Senior School