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E‑Scooter Trial in the City of Unley

The College was recently advised by the City of Unley that they will be trialling e-scooters as a form of shared mobility device from 14 February 2022 until 15 August 2022 (six months), with a possible extension to March 2023 (12 months). You may, therefore, start to see e-scooters around the local area. Please note the following details about the trial:

  • Only e-scooters operated by approved operators (Neuron and Beam) are permitted in the trial area
  • Personal e-scooters are still illegal for use on public roads/footpaths in SA
  • According to SA road rules, users of e-scooters must be over 18 years of age and wear a helmet that is securely fitted
    • Users will be advised of the risks and applicable insurances and asked to confirm that they are over 18 years of age and wearing a helmet prior to commencing an e-scooter ride
    • If users are not over 18 and/or not wearing a helmet, users may not be covered by insurance and will be liable for any incident.

The City of Unley have provided answers to Frequently Asked Questions on their website.

If you have any concerns regarding poorly parked e-scooters, user behaviour, and collisions, accidents or injuries associated with e-scooters adjacent or within the school grounds, please contact:

Neuron Customer Support Line (orange)
08 7444 4676

Visit the Neuron website

Beam Customer Support Line (purple)
08 7079 0518

Visit the Beam website

The City of Unley can respond to feedback and questions regarding the e-scooter permits on 8372 5111 or