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Maintaining a Safe Learning Community

At Concordia, the safety of our students, staff and wider College community is our highest priority. In order to provide a safe working and learning environment for our students and staff, we ensure that:

  • all staff undertake regular first aid training through a trusted training organisation
  • defibrillators are available at the following locations around the College
    • Primary School - near the School Office
    • Middle and Senior School - in the Student Services Office
    • Middle and Senior School's Murtoa building - on the wall near M83
    • Chapel Narthex - near the Kitchen
    • Gymnasium foyer
  • staff are trained in the use of defibrillators as part of their first aid training, and the College ensures they are maintained
  • key staff have senior first aid training qualifications
  • students are educated on responsible behaviour and looking out for one another.

We are blessed to work and learn as part of such an amazing College from ELC to Year 12, and remain committed to ensuring the safety of all members of our community.