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The Mustard Seed Family Project

A Service Learning initiative.

This year, a small group of Year 8 students have created a service activity to support The Mustard Seed Family Project. Mustard Seed is a small family-run café business that, on the side, provides meals for individuals and families in need. One of their main income streams to enable this initiative is to use the 10c refund from recyclable bottles and cans. Our Year 8s, supported by Year 12 mentors, are organising a College-wide system for collecting all the 10c containers that we use at school. The money from the refunds will go to Mustard Seed to support their special project. 

We will soon have designated yellow bins dotted around the Middle and Senior School to use for this. On our non-uniform day last Friday, students were asked to bring in a 10c container and a $2.00 donation. We raised over $1000, which will be our first monetary gift for Mustard Seed. The Year 8s' goal is for all of our 10c containers be collected in an ongoing, organised way at the College and that the simple act of dropping an empty bottle into the yellow bins will culminate in many meals, for many needy people, for many years. These students are also learning more about Mustard Seed’s work and will be sharing this widely with the student body and parents. They are to be commended for their initiative and care for others.

A special thanks to Ms Martin, Mr Eden and the maintenance team for helping these students to bring their idea to life. We hope to share more on this initiative in the weeks ahead.

Mark Rathjen
College Chaplain