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ELC and Primary School

Introducing our New ELC – Primary School Leadership Team (ELC – PSLT)

I can hardly believe that it is already Week 6 of the 2022 school year. Our school year so far has been very different as we have navigated a pathway through a changing and complex school environment. Despite the challenges that we have faced, we have been pleased with the way that, for the most part, students have engaged in life at school.

This changing and complex school context has certainly required the focussed attention of our Leadership Team at the ELC and Primary School, to help ensure the daily operations of our school run as smoothly as possible.

With the start of 2022, Concordia College introduced a new leadership structure across the whole College, which is now operating and serving us well.

Part of this new structure involves a localised level of decision making that serves the needs of our students and campus, while also maintaining alignment with our strategic intentions, College systems and processes.

Today I wanted to introduce the new ELC – PSLT and highlight their main roles and responsibilities.

The ELC – PSLT meets regularly with a focus on ensuring the smooth and effective daily operations of the ELC amd Primary School while also operationalising the strategic plans of the College.

Other leaders from across the College are regular guests at our ELC - PSLT meetings to help ensure important and positive connections are maintained for the benefit of our students and community.

Our 2022 ELC – PSLT includes:

ELC – Primary School Principal – Michael Paech

  • Oversight of the daily management and operations of the ELC and Primary School.
  • Connects with the broader strategic vision of the College and its implementation in the ELC – PS context.
  • Deputises for the Head of College as required.

Primary School Leader – Sue Drogemuller

  • Manages the daily operations of the school. Also responsible for student behaviour management and wellbeing.

ELC Director – Kate Wood 

  • Has the responsibility of maintaining the coordination of the education outcomes and operation of the ELC in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations whilst ensuring the positive transition from the early years into the early years of the school.
  • Also responsible for the daily operational management of the Early Learning Centre.

Primary School Learning Leader – Rachel Muldoon

  • Leads in the strategic development and operation of all teaching and learning programs. 
  • Leads the teacher professional development program for ELC and Primary School.

Primary School Coordinator – Nicolette McClure

  • Supports the Primary School Leader to help ensure the smooth running of all daily operations across the campus. The Primary School Coordinator will also begin developing structures and systems to support the enrolment increases from ELC to Year 6, commencing in 2023.

Primary School Mentor – Graham Buxton

  • Works closely alongside the Primary School Learning Leader and in collaboration with teachers to support their use of high-quality teaching practices and ensure effective learning for students across our ELC and Primary School.  
  • The Primary School Mentor will also be involved in supporting the future growth and development of our ELC and Primary School and the addition of extra classes from ELC to Year 6, commencing in 2023.

Please feel free to speak with any of our ELC – PSLT if you have general questions relating to our team or their specific roles.

We are certainly blessed to have such a positive and unified leadership team serving our community.

Michael Paech
Principal - ELC and Primary School