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From the ELC Director

Off to a Great Start

Off to a Great Start

The transition from home to the ELC or school, or from one year level to the next, is a significant step for both children and families. Children may struggle with new routines and families themselves may have concerns about their child’s ability to cope with the demands of their new environment.

Forming a strong partnership between the ELC/Primary School and a child’s family helps to establish an understanding between educators and families about expectations and attitudes and provides a foundation for building on the knowledge of both parents and educators.

We know the importance of educators forming close relationships with children and their families so that we can understand their individual needs and learn how best to support them.

Getting to Know You Chats (ELC to Year 5) take place in Term 1 with the intention of reciprocal information sharing. During the chats, teachers hear perspectives offered by parents, children’s needs are recognised, their early successes are acknowledged, and plans are made.

This year most chats are taking place through Microsoft Teams and so far, they have been overwhelmingly positive and productive.

Continuing open communication between teachers and parents allows all parties to build on this great start and work together to support improved outcomes for children.

“ I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things. ”

– Mother Teresa

Kate Wood
Director - ELC