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Middle and Senior School

This last week has seen an explosion of activity around the Middle and Senior School! 

The commencement of interschool sport is one example of the breadth of experiences that make up a Concordia education. Along with providing students with the chance to hone skills, work in teams, and problem solve, sporting competitions will also offer parents the first real opportunity to share in your children’s education for the year in person. Spectators are now permitted to attend all OUTDOOR sporting games, with masks needing to be worn and physical distancing in place.

Week 5 has also seen the recommencement of other highly valued elements of a Concordia education. Music groups, instrumental lessons, drama rehearsals and various activities and clubs have been up and running in recent days. Preparation for Oliver! the Musical is also recommencing. 

It feels like schools should in mid-term. That is a great thing. I hope you will join with the school in encouraging your children to engage in these activities. Socially, emotionally and physically they are important opportunities to connect with others and experience challenge along with joy.

In the last week, I had the pleasure of presenting the badges to the School Forum student representatives and the Middle School student leaders for 2022. While we would have loved the opportunity to have this occur in the Chapel, having a formal presentation event outside in the quadrangle with the sun shining was very special. I wish all those students a successful year serving their fellow students through these important roles.

Dennis Mulherin
Principal - Middle and Senior School