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Senior School Community Service

10 Mar 2022

On the Saturday 26 February, the Student Leaders prepared and served meals for over 60 patrons at the Collective of St Mary Magdalene, an Anglican-run drop-in centre in the Adelaide CBD.

The night was a great experience, giving us the ability to work and bond together in a new environment. Not only this, it allowed us to have an opportunity to serve a different and welcoming community - whether that be preparing and serving food or just having a friendly chat to those in need. Furthermore, many Concordia families contributed to the success of the experience, through donating money and cans of fruit to help feed many people on the night. We would also like to especially thank Wendy McLeod and Liann Tape – College parents and volunteers, who organised the event and led us in the kitchen on the night, encouraging us to have fun and serve with gratitude.

Jas (12SBUD) and Nik (12TMCC)
College Captains