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ELC and Primary School Redevelopment Update

The ELC and Primary School Redevelopment is progressing well and it is exciting to see both areas taking shape. Some recent progress updates are included below.

Early Learning Centre
  • The Primary School Hall area is being transformed into the ground floor of our new ELC area, catering for 70 children aged three and four. On the first floor will be new staff facilities and an extension of the music area.
  • Work has progressed in this space to wall framing and first fix on both floors and all the new rooms and areas are established. It was great for our ELC Director, Kate Wood, to have her first look at this new area. 
  • It is anticipated that 2022 ELC students and staff will move to these new areas in July 2022.
Three-storey building (Resource Centre and classrooms)
  • The new three-storey building is taking form on old basketball court site, with the lift shaft and stairwell now in place. 
  • The concrete pour of the first floor was completed on Tuesday 22 March and work is commencing for the pouring of the second floor.
  • Primary School Staff had their first look from the first floor and are really impressed with the size and view from this area. 
  • Once the building structure is completed, work will commence on a new playground in this area.

It is always exciting when new milestones are achieved, such as the first fix in the ELC and first floor pour on the three-storey building. We look forward to sharing more updates in the weeks ahead!

Sally Staggs
Risk and Operations Manager ELC-12