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Middle and Senior School Sports Day

This was a year that challenged like no other. COVID-19 restrictions prevented House meetings and any preliminary trials so the House Coordinators and Age Level Captains faced a somewhat difficult task when pulling together event nominations. Then, absences in relation to COVID-19 forced last minute changes. While there will have been some whose involvement was more disadvantaged than others by the difficulties, we will review and learn in our ongoing effort to make this significant event inclusive and enjoyable for as many as possible.

Though it was humid, we couldn’t complain about a 29-degree day. Winchester was, for the ninth consecutive year, the victor, but the essence of the day was on show for all to see - fun through competition, excellent athletic performance, grit and determined effort from others less blessed with athletic prowess, and sacrifice toward team goals. We now look forward to what might be achieved by Concordia College at the upcoming SSSA event in Week 11 of Term 1 and in September at the Achilles Cup and IGSSA days for boys and girls respectively.

Overall House Scores
  1. Winchester 2557
  2. Malvern 2348
  3. Highgate 2254
  4. Cheltenham 1794
Age Level Champions 2022
U13GirlsLola 8ABAR (W)Erin 7SCHE (M)

Heath 7VPER (W)

Max 8SPAC (C)

U14GirlsApril 8LTHO (H)Freya 8SPAC (W)
U14BoysJosh 9SWHI (C)Archie 8ABAR (W)
U15GirlsSophie 9TMOR (W)Sari 9GLET (C)
U15BoysRonan 9SWHI (C)Elijah 10RSOM (M)
U16GirlsAva 11RBEN (M)Jasmijn 10JPID (W)
U16BoysEthan 10JDIV (H)Michael 10JDIV (W)
OpenGirlsMarielle 11RBEN (H)Joanna 12HROS (C)
OpenBoysOscar 12CFIN (H)Joseph 11EBAB (C)
New Records in 2022
Age GroupEventNew Record HolderNew RecordOld RecordYear Set
U13 Girls800mElise 7KSPA02:37.202:43.12021
U13 Girls3000mElise 7KSPA12:22.412:54.002012
U14 Boys100mHunter 8ABAR11.6s12.0s2021
U14 Boys200mHunter 8ABAR25.2s25.37s2007
U15 GirlsTriple JumpSophie 9TMOR10.04m9.78m2017
U15 GirlsHurdlesSophie 9TMOR14.8s15.17s2007
U15 Boys100mRonan 9SWHI11.3s11.57s1986
U15 BoysLong JumpRonan 9SWHI6.22m5.92m1989

David Serotzki
Sports Day Coordinator