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Year 12 Drama Production — Book your tickets today!

On behalf of the Concordia College Year 12 Drama class of 2022, it’s with great excitement that we release the sale of tickets to their production of Stephanie Clark’s ‘And Now We Wait’, going on stage in the Drama Centre in Week 11.

‘And Now We Wait’ is a gritty tale of regular teenagers who find themselves in an irregular situation; it is the story of how a shared experience affects individuals in different ways.

The play follows five teenagers who barricade themselves in an old school theatre during a school lockdown. While they nervously remain hidden, waiting for the nightmare to end, the group faces truths about themselves and what is ultimately important to each of them.

Due to content, this play is suitable for audiences 15 years and over.

We look forward to seeing you at the theatre!

Ms Zoe Tidemann
Head of Drama