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Year 2 Significant Places’ Excursion and Incursion

24 Mar 2022

As part of our unit exploring ‘Where We Are In Place And Time’ and looking at Significant Places, the Year 2s recently visited the Warriparinga Wetlands (also known as Southern Cultural Immersion) in Marion.

Students gained first-hand experience in the traditional Aboriginal practice of weaving, learnt about bush tucker (and had the opportunity to try some) and learnt about The Tjilbruke Dreamtime Story as well as building a wurlie (Traditional Aboriginal Shelter).

This week the Year 2 students also had a visit from Trent Hill, a Noongar man from South-West Western Australia, who shared an Aboriginal Dreaming (Dreamtime) story. Trent also brought along Aboriginal artefacts and educated students in how these tools were used, such as using different boomerangs for differing purposes. A highlight of Trent's visit included viewing clothing items made of kangaroo, and learning about respecting the land that we live on. The students thoroughly enjoyed Trent's demonstration of the yidaki (didgeridoo) and listening to Trent's explanation about the significance of the school's red river gum trees.

Tom Baxter and Tammee Secombe
Year 2 Teachers