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Year 6 German Excursion to Hahndorf and Incursion with Bund der Bayern

24 Mar 2022

On Tuesday 15 March the Year 6 classes took part in a cultural learning experience visiting Hahndorf for a historical walk and tour of the famous town. It also incorporated a visit to the Cedars where Sir Hans Heysen lived and painted many of his famous paintings. At the Cedars, students also learnt about the special significance the land where the Cedars was built has for Indigenous Australians.

In the afternoon, students were treated to an interactive performance by “Bund der Bayern” the local South Australian Bavarian dance group. Students had the opportunity to learn the famous “Schuhplaettler” dance as well as experience traditional bell ringing and the piano accordion. The experience was organised as part of our ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’ inquiry into the Central Idea: ‘Human migration is a response to challenges, risks, and opportunities’.

Students were able to see the impact migrants have had on South Australia since the arrival of the first German settlers in the 1830s through architecture, anecdotal stories of migrants and their plight, talks from a variety of different people and interactive displays. The overall experience of the day enabled students to appreciate and celebrate the many diverse cultures we have here in South Australia and learn in greater depth how these continue to shape and influence our culture as a whole.

Jane Graham
German Teacher