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Q&A with Duncan Clark, Year 4 Teacher

1. Where were you before this and what persuaded you to join Concordia College?

My previous school was Pacific Hills Christian School in Dural – Sydney.

I have relocated to the Adelaide Hills from Sydney. I decided to join Concordia as I felt that the mission statement and the school’s approach to learning was a good fit with my teaching philosophy and goals. Additionally, the answers to my questions during the interview process confirm my initial beliefs about the College and its learning environment.

2. Three words to describe you.

Pastoral, dreamer, explorer.

3. What is your motivation or inspiration in your role?

My motivation is a desire to develop lifelong critical thinking and problem solving skills for students. My hope is that I can cultivate these skills in an environment that teaches Christ’s love, care and tolerance.

My inspiration is the many wonderful teachers I had through my schooling who engaged and encouraged me to fulfill my God given purpose and develop my strengths.

4. If you had a superpower, what would it be?

A superpower I would love, is the ability to clean or fix anything instantly.

5. Who would you invite to a dinner party of six guests and why? Alternatively, tell us something you might like to share that we could not possibly know?

  • Christ – He is controversial and challenges the way people think. That always makes things interesting.
  • My grandmother – I would really like to see her again. She also had a dynamic outlook on life that would make for interesting conversation.
  • Richard Branson – I love the way he thinks and his enthusiasm for overcoming barriers.
  • Margaret Thatcher – I think she lived through an interesting time in history and would have some really engaging stories.
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer – He had an inspirational theology and was faced with a challenging choice that I would like to hear about.
  • Dolly Parton – I respect the charities that she has started and enjoy several of her songs. We would need some entertainment.
  • David Hyde Pierce – I enjoy his comedy and sense of humour. It would be good to have a laugh at the party.