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Year 10 Day Out — Diversifying Friendships

Morialta Conservation Park Excursion
11 May 2022

On Wednesday 6 April the Year 10 cohort travelled to Mukanthi Nature Playspace and Morialta Conservation Park to spend the day focusing on our term theme of “Healthy Relationships”. As a school we recognise the importance of diversifying friendship groups in order to promote inclusivity and encourage students to work positively and successfully with broader networks of people.

On the Year 10 Day Out, students were required to collaborate in randomly selected groups to design a two-hour walking route in the Conservation Park. Each member of the group undertook a role such as team leader, navigator, first aid officer, motivator, etc., which provided them with the opportunity to lead, problem solve and socialise with peers beyond their direct friendship group. The walk was challenging and students were required to show resilience to overcome both the physical challenge of the walk and to show patience when working with others. On the whole, students displayed exceptional resilience and positivity which was evident to staff and indicated through their end-of-day reflections.

A range of fun group dynamics activities were played which rounded out a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day. We hope students are able to transfer their learnings around healthy relationships into their daily lives in and outside of the school gates.

Rachel Paterson
Year 10 Leader