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ELC and Primary School Redevelopment Update

Our ELC and Primary School redevelopment is forging ahead, with the following :

  • Zone A (ELC area) is nearing completion throughout most of the space
    • All walls are lined and painted with most finishes and joinery installed – second fix services are well underway and on track for completion by the end of June 2022
      • Final stages of building are occurring in the ELC area, including cabinetry, tiling and carpeting
      • New windows are letting light in from the ELC garden and connecting the interior and exterior spaces
  • Zone C (three-storey building) framing has been removed and sizes of all spaces are now evident
    • Wall framing and first fix services to ground floor have commenced
    • The roof is soon to be completed and then wall cladding will commence
  • Plans are in place for the refurbishment of our existing Reception classrooms and toilet areas in the June/July holidays.

It is so exciting to see these spaces really coming to life and we look forward to sharing more news and photos in the weeks ahead!

Sally Staggs
Risk and Operations Manager ELC-12