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"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." ~ Hebrews 13:8

... but things at Concordia are constantly changing. Our community has coped with so much over the last two years. When you think about all the changes that have occurred, we know that our ability to support and care for each other at this time has been tested and I think we have done an amazing job as we have supported each other.

COVID-19, changes in staff, changes in access to school buildings, changes to parking, changes in where we have our Chapel each week - and the list goes on. There are times when I think about all the ‘things we have missed’ but it is important to remember all the different things we now do or changes that we have made that wouldn’t have happened.

I have seen the sense of independence that many students have shown as they make their way to class each day. Along with that is the resiliency that has grown as they cope with different staff when teachers or LSOs have needed to be away at various times. We often wonder how well our students cope with change. They have shown that they can cope because they are in a supported environment that has helped them develop the skills as required.

Change can be perceived as something of which to be afraid, but now, change seems to be the norm. Throughout this time, prayer and quiet moments with God have been powerful as we calm ourselves and take in the ever-changing nature of life.

We are different now. We have grown in many ways. Change will always happen and sometimes take us by surprise or be the cause of sadness. God is with us each step, holding and supporting us as we make these transitions. Please take the time to rest in His love and be calmed by His presence.

Sue Drogemuller
Primary School Leader