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Metropolitan Fire Service Road Awareness Program

On Tuesday 17 May, the Year 11 students took part in a road safety awareness program run by the Metropolitan Fire Service. The students were taught about the types of behaviour that can cause road accidents, and through both simulated and real video footage they saw the devastating consequences that can result from a seemingly inconsequential action. The students also heard from road accident survivor Yudhi, who suffered significant and long-lasting effects from a motorcycle accident in his youth. Prior to the program, 67 of the cohort rated themselves as “risk takers” when it came to road use. Following the program, every student without exception indicated that they would now be a responsible road user. We are pleased that the students engaged so well in this valuable program and thank the MFS for their ongoing support of the community through this educational initiative.

Daniel Wood
Senior School Leader

Maria Chiarolli
Senior School Counsellor

Student reflections:

‘...this talk was a wake-up call to all of us to remind us that we are not the only ones on the roads. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your stories and experiences.’

‘…has changed my perspective on taking risks on the road.’

‘This was not only informative but ‘life changing’ in a sense.’