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Primary School Sports Results

26 May 2022

Thursday 12 May

Concordia Champions defeated Burnside Falcons: 18–6.

Tuesday 17 May

Concordia Cats lost to The Suns: 2–17.

Wednesday 18 May

Concordia Charms defeated Loreto: 28–4.
Concordia Chargers lost to Linden Park: 4–16.
Concordia Cyclones lost to Westbourne Park Primary School: 5–11.

Thursday 19 May

Concordia Champions defeated Parkside Pumas: 11–2.


Monday 9 May

Concordia Silver lost to Unley Primary School: 0–1 - their first game for the winter season.
Concordia Gold defeated St Thomas Dolphins: 26–1. The team passed the ball well and looked like they’ve always played together!

Monday 16 May

Concordia Gold continued its winning streak this year, defeating St Thomas Saints: 15–9.
Concordia Blue defeated St Thomas Lions: 3–2.
Concordia Silver lost to St Thomas Tigers: 0–9.