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Australia-New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge

9 June 2022

Round 1 of the Australia-New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge was a great success with nearly 3,000 students across Australia and New Zealand participating. The Brain Bee Challenge is a competition for high school students in Year 10 to learn about the brain and its functions, learn about neuroscience research, find out about careers in neuroscience and to dispel misconceptions about neurological and mental illnesses. Four of our students have qualified to participate in the Individual and Team Challenge of the South Australian State Final (top South Australian students from Round 1):

  • Luke (10JPID)
  • Lily (10RSOM)
  • Sienna (10MSMA)
  • Levon (10JPID)

The State Final will be in two parts: a formal individual competition, which will be online in August, and a face-to-face experience morning at Flinders University. A hearty congratulations to all the students who participated. Good luck to our State Finalists – may you be able to distinguish between such terms as the cerebrum and the cerebellum, the diencephalon and the globus pallidus!

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning