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Year 7 Aqualibrium Challenge

9 June 2022

The Year 7 Aqualibrium challenge taught us how engineers equally distribute water across the city. We learnt the difficulty of being able to evenly spread the water across a town. Each group was given a set of red and blue pipes with different thicknesses, along with 30 pipe connecters. The task was to distribute the water to three locations on a map of a city, at an even rate. This way each water-point receives an even amount of water. At first, we underestimated the difficulty of this challenge. Every group struggled to find the right pipes and connecters needed. Each group had the opportunity to do a test run, to see where the faults were. Many groups had more water in one location than the others. To solve this problem, groups had to alternate between the pipes that had different thicknesses to allow more or less water to run through. At the end, two groups managed to complete the challenge successfully by distributing the water evenly into multiple locations, although some other groups were close. Overall, everyone understood the relevance of this task and how it connects to our world.

Eva and Sophie (7VPER)