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Primary School Sports Results

23 June 2022

Wednesday 8 June

Concordia Cyclones defeated Concordia Celtics: 14-2.

Tuesday 14 June

Concordia Cats defeated Parkside Primary School: 16-0.

Wednesday 15 June

Concordia Chargers lost to Parkside Primary School: 20-26.
Concordia Cyclones defeated SAC Purple: 14-10.


Monday 6 June

Concordia Silver lost to Annesley: 0-3 - a good game which almost had some balls go in!
Concordia White lost to St Thomas Suns: 3-4. It was such an intense game, but the girls played so well.

Monday 20 June

Concordia Gold defeated St Thomas Saints: 14-12 - a close game, but still unbeaten all year!


Saturday 18 June

Concordia Under 9s defeated St John Baptist: 1-0.
Concordia Senior Primary B defeated Emmaus: 9-2.