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Q&A with James Divitkos, Design, Technology and Engineering Teacher

1. Where were you before this, and what persuaded you to join Concordia College?

Before joining the College as a staff member, I attended Concordia as a student; I started at St John's in 2005 and attended the College until Year 12 in 2017.

After graduating, I attended the University of South Australia, where I studied a Bachelor of Education (Design and Technology). While studying, I volunteered and worked at the College in the Design, Technology and Engineering Department as a Technician.

2. Three words to describe you.

Hardworking, reliable, dedicated.

3. What is your motivation or inspiration in your role?

My motivation for what I do is seeing students' achievements and pride when they have finished a project, learnt a new skill or achieved something they believed was impossible. Seeing students grow and overcome challenges, and seeing their pride when this happens, is what makes this job so unique.

4. If you had a superpower, what would it be?

The ability to see into the future or time travel.

5. Who would you invite to a dinner party of six guests and why? Alternatively, tell us something you might like to share that we could not possibly know?

I love outdoor activities. My favourite thing to do during the summer holidays is to spend time on the river with my family. I enjoy my watersports and travelling the outback.