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Year 2 Student-Led Conferences

23 June 2022

The Year 2 students and parents came together to take part in the Student-Led Conferences last week. It was fantastic to be able to open our classrooms and school buildings to our parent community once again.

Student-Led Conferences are a unique opportunity for the children to lead the reporting process. These conferences strengthen the relationship between home and school and are an ideal way for parents see their children through a new lens – in action in their classroom environment – and gain insight into their thinking and behaviour.

Throughout the process the students show a greater responsibility for their own learning and demonstrate their ability to communicate their own learning. The skills developed while preparing and conducting the conference are beneficial to the students’ self-management and independence.

Throughout the journey, the students are:

  • engaging in the process of self-evaluation
  • demonstrating the qualities of the IB Learner Profile
  • developing organisational skills
  • developing greater self-confidence
  • involved in selecting work to show parents and identifying points of strength as well as areas for further development

What a fabulous set of skills and processes they are refining!

Rachel Muldoon
Primary School Learning Leader