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Year 6 Street Art

23 June 2022

As a culmination of their inquiry into street art, the Year 6 students have created a fabulous art installation on the basketball court fence. With support from the Design, Technology and Engineering Department, who laser cut the wooden fish, the students designed and painted their unique fish designs in Visual Arts lessons. We hope you will have opportunity to wander around the oval to see this great example of collaborative art.

Nancy Wells
Visual Art Teacher - ELC and Primary School

'Street art is very creative and artistic. I love how your world is your canvas and that you don’t have to be restricted to the four walls of your artwork. It makes everything more free and happier.' - Jack 6T

'I think that street art can be positive for a community because it makes the community more diverse and interesting. If every community and city was normal and offered no sense of creativity, the world would be boring!' - Lyla 6H

'I never would have thought of using up paint to just have a go at making street art, but now that we have done this unit, I realise how cool some things people do are and I think that using all that paint is worth it. One moment it can be a boring fence and the next it is an amazing piece of art.'Anna 6T