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From the Acting ELC and Primary School Principal

The End of Another Busy Term

Another busy term concludes this week. Well done to everyone for managing all that has happened this term. The building program continues, and we can see how close we are to being able to move into our new learning areas. Next term will certainly have a degree of excitement as this happens.

Thank you to you all for your patience. Next term we will have one of our playgrounds open for students to enjoy. Hopefully when we return, spring will be in full swing. I’m sure we are all looking forward to sunny skies and the warmth that spring brings.

Service Awards for Staff

On Sunday 25 September we had many of our staff presented with Service Awards by John Proeve, Executive Director of Lutheran Education SA, NT & WA. We congratulate the following staff:

10 Years

  • Jane Brew-Bevan
  • Graham Buxton
  • Ellen Hoopmann
  • Monica Mavropoulos
  • Nicolette McClure
  • Emily O’Callaghan
  • Joanne Peasgood
  • Nancy Wells
  • Janine Sarson-Parker
  • Deborah Waters
  • Julie Lugg
  • Christopher Franz
  • Sheriden Douglas

20 years

  • Anita Ruggiero

30 years

  • Rebecca Geue
  • Elizabeth Reu


Thank you to Mrs Kylie Johns for working in the area of Inclusive Learning this term whilst Mrs Leanne Jaensch has been on Long Service Leave. Next term we welcome Leanne back. Kylie will be returning next term as she will be teaching Reception D as Ms Sarah Davis commences her maternity leave. Blessings to Sarah and her partner as they prepare for the arrival of their daughter. We are pleased that Kylie will finish the year with the Reception D students as she has been a regular relief teacher in the classroom this year and is well known by the students.

Mr Duncan Clark, Year 4 teacher, has resigned effective from the end of the term and we wish him all the best as he starts in a new school next term. Mrs Kate Mueller has accepted the position of Year 4C Teacher for Term 4. The students are familiar with Kate as she has been a regular relief teacher at the Primary School.

We also wish Mrs Sally Staggs all the best for her Long Service Leave in Term 4. We pray that this is a time of refreshment and relaxation.

Next term we welcome back Ms Tamara Martin, Counsellor, who has been on leave this term. Trenna Albrecht has been working during Term 3 as her replacement and Trenna will continue to work with us for the remainder of the year alongside Tamara.

Michael Paech, ELC and Primary School Principal, will also return from leave.

It is a pleasure to also announce that Mr Daniel Halman has accepted a teaching position next year. Dan has been working with us throughout this year as a relief teacher and we are pleased that he will be joining us as a classroom teacher in 2023.

Sue Drogemuller
Acting Principal - ELC and Primary School