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To Narnia and Back

29 Sept 2022

Students in Year 8 have been studying ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ in Christian Studies. They have considered the way C.S. Lewis constructed this fantasy series to help explain Christian life and teachings through allegory and an imaginative ‘supposal’ of what would happen if God sent his Son, Jesus, to another world. They also made connections with their Film Study in English and their Narrative Unit on ‘Fractured Fairy Tales’.

To finish the term, students were asked to design a board or card game showing the key principles of ‘deep and deeper magic’ and reflecting how evil is outwitted in the novel. We were impressed with the ingenuity, variety and quality of the games produced. Much fun was had while collaborating to make the games, and the final outcomes were quite professional. It was a joy to see the engagement in the room and hear the buzz of excited interaction as students played them, proving it a great way to apply, review and explore their unit of learning!

Well done, Year 8s.

Louise Thomas
Year 8 Teacher