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Year 7/8 Global Challenge

Are you in Year 7 or 8? Do you want to challenge yourself? Don’t forget that on Wednesday 19 October (Week 1 of Term 4) we will be hosting our annual Year 7/8 Global Challenge.

You will have 15 minutes to correctly name and locate as many of the 197 countries of the world as you can, on this quiz.

It is not too late to start learning! A little bit of practice each day will make a world of difference. Students, perhaps you could even challenge your family members to a world countries showdown?

Can you beat a student who last year could name all the countries of Europe in one minute and 17 seconds... or another student who was able to name all the countries in North and Central America in 25 seconds?

Our 2021 overall Champion was able to name 197 countries with 100% accuracy in under nine minutes.

Any student who takes part will receive a Certificate of Participation. A prize will be awarded to our overall Champion.

“ What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” ”

– Alfred Mercier

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning