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Middle and Senior School Sports Results

Boys' Sport


Friday 24 June

Year 7 Gold lost to St Pauls: 22-28. Best player: Emmett.

Year 7 Blue defeated St Peters: 31-14. Best players: Hudson and Leo.

Saturday 25 June

Senior A defeated Trinity: 57-51. Best players: Nick, Tom and Paddy.

Senior B lost to Trinity: 60-81. Best players: Kurtis, Elijah and James.

Senior C lost to Trinity: 60-31. Best players: Elijah, Jackson and Patrick.

Middle A defeated Trinity: 62-37.

Middle B defeated Trinity: 33-21.

Middle C drew with Trinity: 26-26.

Middle D defeated PAC: 32-22.

Friday 29 July

Year 7 Gold lost to St Pauls: 18-36. Best players: Jack and Emmett.

Year 7 Blue lost to St Pauls: 16-38. Best players: Hudson and Hari.

Saturday 30 July

Senior A defeated Immanuel: 56-53. Best players: Nick, Noah and Lachy.

Senior B lost to Immanuel: 30-31. Best players: Kurtis, Elijah and Daniel.

Senior C lost to Immanuel: 34-42. Best players: Elijah, Ezekiel and Owen.

Middle A defeated Immanuel: 57-24. Best players: Luke and Darcy.

Middle B defeated Immanuel: 32-12. Best players: Michael, Lachie and Ky.

Middle C defeated Immanuel: 50-19. Best players: Ben, Henry and Cooper.

Middle D defeated Immanuel: 29 - 28. Best players: Matthew, Oliver and James.


Wednesday 22 June

1st XVIII lost to Cardijn 5.8 (38) - 9.9 (63). Best players: Jaden, Kurtis, Nick, Fletcher, Angus, Oscar and Dane. Goals: Noah 2, Jacob 1, Ben 1 and Dane 1.

B Grade - No game (Year 11 exams)

Middles lost to Blackwood High School: 3.7 (25) - 15.7 (97). Best players: Thomas, Luca, Archie, Jackson, Louis and Angus. Goals: Louis 2 and Clive 1.

Wednesday 29 June

1st XVIII defeated Urrbrae 6.7 (43) - 5.12 (42). Best players: Ben, Max, Kurtis, Jaden, Eli and Bailey. Goals: Ben 2, Noah 1, Max 1, Harry 1 and Kurtis 1.

B Grade - No game (Year 11 Work Experience)

Middles defeated Woodcroft 12.10 (82) - 1.1 (7). Best players: Thomas, Archie, Jake, Jack, and Jackson. Goals: Jacob 3, James 2, Thomas 2, Jack 2, Ned 1 and Archie 1.

Wednesday 27 July

1st XVIII - Game cancelled

B Grade lost to Nazareth 3.5 (23) - 12.12 (84). Best players: Bailey, Elijah, Aaron, Austin and Oscar. Goals: Aaron 1, Angus 1 and Ethan 1.

Middles lost to Cabra 8.3 (51) - 10.12 (72). Best players: Thomas, Jack, Louis, Archie and Luca. Goals: Louis 3, Jack 2, Will 1, Ned 1 and Jake 1.


Saturday 25 June

Senior B lost to Unley: 0-3.

Middle A drew with Immanuel: 1-1.

Middle B defeated Immanuel: 12-4.

Year 7 lost to Immanuel: 2-4.

Saturday 30 July

Senior B lost to Westminster: 1-8.

Middle A defeated Cabra: 9-1. Best players: Max, Marshal, Lucas Goals: Max 4, Liam 2, Kosta 1, Marshal 1 and Lachlan 1.

Middle B lost to Cabra: 2 - 10. Best players: Archie, Lachlan and Isaac. Goals: Isaac and Archie.

Year 7 defeated Cabra: 4-2. Best players: James, Oli L and Aaron. Goals: Oli L 4.

Girls' Sport


Friday 24 June

Senior A defeated St Peters

Middle A defeated St Peters

Middle B lost to Westminster Middle A

Friday 29 July

Senior A - CC forfeit

Middle A defeated Scotch: 2.5 (17) - 4.4 (28). Best players: Sari, Paige, Holly, Gigi and Hayley.

Middle B defeated Scotch: 9.2 (50) - 2.2 (14). Best players: Lola. Mia, Stella and Eva.


Saturday 25 June

Senior A lost to St Peters: 44-29. Best player: Ella.

Senior B lost to St Peters: 34-29. Best players: Hannah P and Jessie.

Senior C lost to Scotch G

Inter A lost to Immanuel: 24-45. Best player: Amelia.

Inter B lost to Immanuel: 20-52. Best player: Katie.

Inter C/9 Gold lost to Seymour: 44-10. Best player: Alice.

Year 9 A lost to St Peters: 49-53. Best players: Ruby and Winnie.

Year 9 B defeated St Peters: 55-20. Best players: Mackenzie, Emily and Susie.

Year 9 Gold/Inter C lost to Seymour: 44-10. Best player: Alice.

Year 8 A lost to St Peters: 28-33. Best player: Eliza.

Year 8 B defeated St Peters: 31-18. Best player: Lola.

Year 8 White defeated Seymour: 38-16.

Year 8 Navy lost to Immanuel C1: 17-40.

Year 8 Gold defeated Immanuel C2: 19-18. Best players: Poppy and Ava.

Year 7 White defeated St Peters: 30-8. Best player: Gemma.

Year 7 Navy defeated St Peters: 34-4. Best player: Lexi.

Year 7 Gold defeated Immanuel: 34-3. Best player: Mary.

Monday July 25

Senior A defeated Seymour: 47-46. Best players: Saffron, Millie and Grace.

Senior B lost to Seymour: 34-35. Best players: Aleisha and Jessie.

Saturday 30 July

Senior A lost to Scotch 23-50. Best players: Ebony and Ella.

Senior B lost to Scotch: 36-60. Best players: Hannah S and Eloise.

Inter A lost to Scotch: 64-15. Best player: Chloe.

Inter B lost to Scotch: 33-14. Best player: Crystal.

Inter C/Year 9 Gold lost to Woodcroft.

Year 9 A lost to Scotch: 22-55. Best player: Holly.

Year 9 B lost to Scotch: 27-42. Best player: Phoebe.

Year 9 Gold/Inter C lost to Woodcroft.

Year 8 A lost to Scotch: 28-37. Best player: April.

Year 8 B defeated Scotch: 41-23. Best player: Halle.

Year 7 White lost to Scotch: 30-36. Best player: Sienna.

Year 7 Navy defeated Scotch: 35-16. Best player: Eva.

Year 7 Gold defeated Westminster: 12-0.


Wednesday 22 June

Middles defeated St Michaels: 4-3.

Wednesday 27 July

Middles defeated Scotch in a scratch match.

Mixed Sport


Wednesday 22

Middles lost to St Peters: 0-1. Best players: James, Fergus, Oscar and Fletcher.

Wednesday 27 July

Middles drew with St Ignatius: 2-2. Best player: Oliver.