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Primary School Sports Results

4 Aug 2022

Monday 20 June

Concordia Cats lost to Unley Boomers: 8-14.

Wednesday 22 June

Concordia Cannons lost to St Therese: 32-36.

Wednesday 29 June

Concordia Chargers defeated Unley Wolves: 17-4.
Concordia Cyclones lost to STJB Bulls: 6-11.

Wednesday 27 July

Concordia Cyclones defeated Black Forest Primary School Angels: 18-10.


Monday 20 June

Concordia Silver drew with Unley Primary School Navy: 4 all! A great result.

Monday 27 June

Concordia Gold lost to St Thomas Sharks: 7–17, with a few players out they should bounce back next game!

Concordia Silver lost to St Thomas Tigers: 0-10.

Monday 1 August

Concordia White defeated Unley Primary School: 5-0.

Concordia Silver lost to Annesley: 1–5. After a few weeks off with byes and school holidays the girls were super excited to score a goal.


Saturday 25 June

Concordia Under 9s lost to Immanuel: 1-4 - a very tough game and the players tried very hard.

Concordia Senior Primary defeated Stella Maris: 7-0.

Saturday 2 July

Concordia Under 9s defeated Belair: 5-0.

Concordia Senior Primary B defeated St Peters Woodlands: 7-2.

Saturday 30 July

Concordia Under 9s lost to McAuley: 0 - 2.

Concordia Senior Primary B defeated Clapham Primary School: 7–0.