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Year 7s learn from world-renowned historian Dr Kiera Lindsay

4 Aug 2022

Recently our Year 7s attended a presentation by Dr Kiera Lindsey – a world-renowned historian. She spoke to the students about the work of a historian as well as the importance of a historian as a healer, rebel, truth teller and detective.

One of her key points was that “To be a history detective you need to be deeply suspicious but also constantly curious.”

Here is what two of our students, Rebecca and Sienna had to say about the presentation:

'Last week on the Wednesday 27 July, Dr Kiera Lindsey spoke to the Year 7s about her role as a Historian. She talked to us about how there are always new things to be found in history as well as many different types of history and how many jobs are open to a historian. She told us that history is not only the past but the present as well and even the future. History is not an object, but of what remains, and it is never a finished business. She taught us a lot about archives and realia and interested us in becoming historians like her. Overall, historians are bricklayers, healers and storytellers and we now have a lot of knowledge on her job and how important history is.' - Rebecca 7SCHE and Sienna 7SCHE.

Hajnalka Molloy
Learning Resources Manager