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Year 8 Oliphant Science Awards

4 Aug 2022

The Oliphant Science Awards is an annual competition for South Australian school students that aims to support, encourage and celebrate Science education within South Australian schools. In Term 2, the Year 8 cohort worked on projects based around the five competition categories of photography, crystals, games, models and inventions, and scientific writing. The outcomes that have been produced have been outstanding.

We have fifteen entries being sent off to be judged and we feel that we are in with a good chance of winning some prizes. We want to wish good luck to those that have entered.

Laura Austin
Year 8 Leader

Here are some thoughts from two Year 8 students:

“During this topic, we learnt a lot about brain, body, and cell science. We all picked things to research on and inquire about, and we made different displays and reports, ranging from videos to posters and to models. Everybody got to be so creative with their projects, and the final displays all looked great and were very informative. I learnt about how different systems in the body work and how they are affected by diseases from projects other students made, and I learnt about cell reproduction and how cells go through stages to develop from my own project.” - Gwen 8SMAR

“The Oliphant Science Awards has been an experience which challenged us students to research about a certain topic. My group and I did a physical board game and we had to create it by using resources that were accessible in school and outside of school. Making the game was the fun part but we didn’t only just make a board game, we also researched online and made brainstorms, checklists and even had group meetings whilst we recorded down our ideas for what to do next and any other issues we encountered during the lesson.” - Zach 8SMAR