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Year 2s Study Biological Sciences

18 Aug 2022

Year 2 students have been studying how living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves.

Students science inquiry skills will be enhanced by a visit to Adelaide Zoo later in Term 3, to aid students in deepening their understanding and knowledge of the above.

Recently, students enjoyed using magnifying glasses to investigate various animal lifecycles as well as observing frogs develop from tadpoles.

“Having real tadpoles and frogs in my class has helped me learn about lifecycles. I now know how they grow and change.” - Lola

“I learned that sometimes animals can turn into something else, but humans stay the same but bigger”. - Lucy

“Lifecycles of animals go round and round and never stop!” - Leticia

“I have learned about frogspawn and that frogs have many babies.” - Lucas

Tom Baxter
Year 2 Teacher