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From the Director of Staff Administration

Recruiting Teaching Staff at Concordia College

Recently the College conducted an independent survey, seeking input from all stakeholders. This provided some insight into what students and community members value and are seeking at Concordia College.

A caring and supportive community enabling students to flourish in all aspects of their lives was a strong message. The feedback highlighted that Concordia’s positive culture, connections with families and genuine focus on students are highly valued. These are just some of the attributes that attract families and staff to the College.

Our reputation as a school which has a holistic approach to educating students is evident in the large number of applications we receive when we are recruiting for a variety of positions across ELC to Year 12. When recruiting, some of our determining principles are based on:

  • cultural alignment and authenticity
  • head and heart for teaching our young people
  • deep knowledge in the areas of expertise being sought
  • genuine commitment

We take planned and considered time to induct new staff, so they are supported and experience a smooth transition into their new work environment. This is critical, as we know that student wellbeing is influenced by teachers who are informed, passionate and take the time to know each student. Knowing each student encourages learning experiences which are relevant and contextual, offer student agency and build capacity so students can flourish throughout their learning journey within the College and beyond as graduates.

As a College, we are truly blessed to have teachers, support staff and maintenance staff who are dedicated and focused on supporting positive experiences for our students.

Vera White
Director of Staff Administration