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The Yangadlitya Centre is establishing a MakerSpace. The concept of a MakerSpace is to provide people with the time, space and resources to create! This could be anything from jewellery making, textile crafts (sewing, knitting, etc.), hands on crafts, digital creations, electronics, coding and creating digital games, robotics, creating and mixing music, LEGO creations – it could be anything. We are looking for donations of items and your time or expertise.

Items for donations – could include any craft or making items or tools, we are especially looking for LEGO to add to our current, modest collection, as well as beads for jewellery and craft.

Your time or expertise – please let library staff know if you would be interested in coming into the school during a lunchtime to share your skills and knowledge. We will work together to ensure that all safety checks and volunteer processes are followed and then arrange a time for you to work with library staff to run a “master class” in your area of expertise.

Hajnalka Molloy
Learning Resources Manager