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Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Update

Hello everyone! We hope that the start of Term 3 has been pleasant for you all so far! We have been working on some very new and exciting things here at OSHC that we are very keen to share with everyone in the near future. It has been wonderful to welcome some new faces to the school and the OSHC this term, and we hope that they are settling in nicely to the new environment.

We have been enjoying our new OSHC space for a while now and have been really liking all the new activities we have been able to do in the new spaces. The unfortunate weather has been keeping us indoors a lot, but some fun new games have been amazing at keeping us occupied. The table tennis table has recently been brought out during After School Care, which is something the kids have been loving. We have also been completing some fun challenges with the children where they can win “OSHC money” to buy prizes out of our prize box, which has also been a hit! When we have been able to get outside we have been enjoying some lovely gardening activities in the veggie patch!

Educator Bree (our sustainability guru) has been busy teaching all the kids and staff about how we can be more environmentally friendly. Bree has brought in new boxes for recycling batteries, old pens, highlighters and texters. She has also made some pictures for our OSHC room bins to display what objects go into our different bins. This is something that will be made school-wide to assist everyone in being more environmentally friendly. Go Bree!

The OSHC staff have recently been attending some incredible professional development days. We have been learning more about staff and student wellbeing, as well as learning more about nature play. Nature play is something we are beginning to incorporate into our regular programming at OSHC, so it is always fun to learn about new nature activities we can bring to the OSHC. The kids love our nature play activities which makes it all the more exciting.

Our OSHC suggestion box has been filling up quickly as we asked the children to give some ideas on excursions for our upcoming Vacation Care. Educator Liam has been hard at work looking through all the suggestions and beginning to organise the excursions! It will be amazing to start seeing some warmer weather throughout the term leading into the Term 3 holidays! Hopefully we can throw in some days at the pool or the beach in the holidays!

Again, if you have any questions about OSHC or Vacation Care, please feel free to contact us.

With thanks,

Isaac Noles
Assistant Director OSHC

On behalf of the OSHC Team