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Planning a move? Please let us know!

Considering a move to another school is a significant decision. We value your family being part of our community. As a College, we will always seek to work with you for positive connection. If you are uncertain about continuing at Concordia next year, in the first instance, we invite you to reach out and arrange a time to discuss your situation with either of our Principals – Michael Paech (Primary Campus) and Dennis Mulherin (Middle/Senior Campus) - or our Director of Community Relations, Jodie Escott. We hope that through this conversation, we gain a clearer appreciation of your family’s specific needs and considerations.

If you do make a decision to leave Concordia, please be aware that in line with the Enrolment Policy – if your child is leaving the College at the end of 2022, we require one full term’s notice to avoid penalties. We understand that this may not always be possible, but sincerely appreciate your assistance with future planning. Withdrawal notification for 2022 should be received no later than close of business Friday 30 September 2022 and should be sent to the Principal of the relevant campus:

  • Michael Paech, Principal ELC to Year 6 (Primary Campus) 
  • Dennis Mulherin, Principal Year 7 to Year 12 (Middle/Senior Campus) 

Email all information to