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Year 1s Exploring the Past

18 Aug 2022

The Year 1s have extended their learning beyond the classroom last week to visit the Tea Tree Gully Heritage Museum. The students' inquiry is 'learning about previous generations to help us understand the connection between the past and present'.

The students were immersed into life in the past through making cookies with no electrical appliances, washing clothes with soap made from pig fat and scrubbing by hand, exploring the beautifully laid dinner tables with candles, linen serviettes and floral crockery and the outside dunny and potties under the bed. They also explored historical buildings and farming machinery and had fun playing a variety of games from the past.

Sincere thanks to the wonderful volunteers at the Tea Tree Gully Heritage Museum for helping our learning in such a practical and engaging way.

Sharon Cosh, Rachel Harrip and Jasmin Bartlett
Year 1 Teachers