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Year 4 Web of Life’ Game

18 Aug 2022

As a provocation into our unit of Sharing the Planet, students played a vigorous game of chasey at Fullarton Park. Each child was allocated a character and the rules explained. Carnivores had to tag omnivores. Omnivores had to tag herbivores and herbivores had to keep out of everyone’s way to stay safe. We also added the extra level of difficulty by introducing ‘death’ and ‘destruction’ as characters that could merely point at you to take one of your life cards.

This game was developed to demonstrate to students how all living things are interdependent on each other and that we all have a role to play in caring for our Earth.

We are following this up with a visit to Urrbrae and Monarto soon.

Anita Ruggiero and Duncan Clark
Year 4 Teachers