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Middle and Senior School Sports Results

Boys’ Sport


Friday 19 August

Year 7 Gold lost to Nazareth: 19-31. Best players: Liam and Jack.

Year 7 Blue - no game (opposition forfeit)

Saturday 20 August

Senior A defeated Trinity College in the Grand Final: 47-43. Best players: Nick G and Noah D.

Middle A defeated Rostrevor in the Grand Final: 61-53. Best players: Darcy, Luke, Luca and Ronan.

Middle D defeated St Peters: 48-46.


Wednesday 17 August

Middles defeated Nazareth: 13.9 (87) - 9.7 (60). Goals: Louis 4, Archie 4, Jack 4 and Cooper 1. Best players: Louis, Archie, Jake, Jack, Jacob and Cooper.


Saturday 20 August

Senior B lost to Sacred Heart: 3-5. Goals: Adam, Liam and Tom R. Best players: Tom H, Fletcher and Lachlan R.

Middle A - no game (opposition forfeit)

Middle B - no game (opposition forfeit)

Year 7 - no game (opposition forfeit)

Girls’ Sport


Friday 19 August

Senior A lost to Wilderness

Middle A defeated Wilderness: 31-15.

Middle B defeated Wilderness: 49-15.

Friday 26 August

Senior A defeated Pulteney: 50-30.

Middle A - no game (opposition forfeit)

Middle B defeated Pulteney: 44-24.


Saturday 20 August

Senior A defeated Wilderness: 56-32. Best players: Millie and Grace.

Senior B defeated Wilderness: 49-24. Best players: Hannah P and Laura.

Senior C/Inter C lost to Wilderness: 13-17. Best player: Lottie.

Inter A lost to Wilderness: 19-44. Best player: Amelia.

Inter B lost to Wilderness: 7-36. Best player: Chloe K.

Inter C/Senior C lost to Wilderness: 13-17. Best player: Lottie.

Year 9A defeated Wilderness: 55-26. Best players: Holly and Sophie.

Year 9B lost to Wilderness: 35-38. Best player: Phoebe.

Year 9 Gold defeated Immanuel: 25-7. Best player: Matilda S.

Year 8A lost to Wilderness: 33-39. Best player: Issy.

Year 8B defeated Wilderness: 55-7. Best player: Hallie.

Year 8 White defeated Pembroke: 49-3. Best player: Lila.

Year 8 Navy lost to Scotch: 24-27. Best players: Charlotte H and Charlotte T.

Year 8 Gold defeated Westminster: 27-1. Best players: Poppy, Emily and Alice.

Year 7 White defeated Wilderness: 49-11.

Year 7 Navy defeated Wilderness: 65-5. Best players: Amalie and Lexi.

Year 7 Gold lost to Pembroke: 14-16. Best player: Minnie.

Saturday 27 August

Senior B defeated Pulteney: 59-19. Best players: Hannah S and Lucy K.

Inter A defeated Pulteney: 48-30. Best player: Amalia.

Inter C defeated Scotch: 45-34. Best players: Katie and Macy.

Year 9 Gold defeated Seymour: 46-14. Best player: Niamh.

Year 8 White defeated Pulteney: 32-8. Best player: Victoria.

Year 8 Navy - no game (opposition forfeit)

Year 7 White defeated Immanuel: 25-22. Best player: Becky W.

Year 7 Navy defeated Pulteney: 34-14. Best players: Ulani and Lexi.

Year 7 Gold defeated Scotch: 29-20. Best player: Emily.


Wednesday 17 August

Middles lost to Woodcroft: 2-0.

Wednesday 10 August

Middles defeated Pembroke.

Mixed Sport


Wednesday 17 August

Middles defeated St Ignatius: 2-1. Goals: James. Best players: James, Fergus, Emily, Sam M and Fletcher.

Wednesday 24 August

Middles lost to Pembroke: 3-0.

Sport Carnivals

Open Girls KO Basketball - Friday 26 August

Game 1

Concordia defeated Trinity: 18-17. Highest scorers: Amy 12 and Amalia 4. Best players: Amy and Amalia.

Game 2

Concordia defeated Unley: 24-21. Highest scorers: Amy 14 and Amalia 4. Best players: Amy and Issy.

Game 3

Concordia lost to Westminster: 18-28. Highest scorers: Amy 12, Macy 5 and Sophie 5. Best players: Sophie and Amy.

Game 4

Concordia lost to Sacred Heart: 20-33.

Coach's Report

On Friday 26 August, the Senior Girls' Basketball team participated in the knockout competition. In the first game Trinity built an early lead, which they maintained for most of the game. With less than 50 seconds left, Concordia was down by five, but a free throw and a quick score cut the lead to two points. Trinity attempted to hold the ball for the last 20 seconds, but Concordia managed to come up with a big steal which lead to an open three pointer to win by one point.

Concordia came out firing in the second game, leading by 10 at halftime. Unley threw everything at us in the second half and took the lead by one point with 30 seconds left. Again, another big three pointer in the final moments saw Concordia secure their second win.

In the final game, Westminster established a double-digit lead early. Concordia continued to battle and on multiple occasions cut the lead to 4 points. Despite our best efforts, Westminster came away with the win.

The top two teams in each group were to advance and there was a three-way tie at the top with Concordia, Unley and Westminster all finishing with two wins. Unfortunately, due to point difference, Concordia ended up finishing third in the pool stage.

Coaches Laura Hodges and Kristopher Nicola couldn’t be more proud of the way the girls played and represented the College. We thank them for all the time and effort they put in preparing for the tournament and congratulate them on their achievements.